Real Health Fall 2017

Real Health Fall 2017

In every issue of Real Health, you’ll find the hottest topics of interest to our readers along with cutting-edge health information.

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Stand for Something

Jennifer Hudson is more committed than ever to ending violence against women and girls.

Star Power

How celebrities affect our health behaviors and decisions

Self-Defense Strategy

More Black women wise up to PrEP as a way to protect themselves from HIV.

Let It Flow

Water isn’t only for drinking—it’s key to all biological processes.

What To Do When You Lose Your Hair During Cancer Treatment

Wigs and other options can help you cope with chemo.

Stuff We Love – Fall 2017

A roundup of the latest must-have finds for hair, skin, health, beauty and more. These products are worth every cent.

From The Editor

Kate Ferguson

A Sick Society?

What role does government play in promoting health among its citizens?

Health News


Health care takes a hit.

Cut It Out!

Can gene editing rid us of HIV?

A Key Debate in HIV

Continued concerns about a link between the virus and diabetes

Chill Out!

Let’s take a look at cryotherapy.

No Can Do

When you’re so tired you can’t think straight

Feel Good

Treat hep C and strengthen your mental health.

Just Dance

Moving to music offers physical and mental benefits.

No Excuses

Even with zero time to exercise, you can still work out.

Is Soda Rotting Your Brain?

Sugary soft drinks could be worse than previously thought.

Meal-Planning Basics

A handy guide to get and stay fit with foods you like

Wired Up

Keep track of your caffeine consumption.

Changing Times

Nowadays, more women buy condoms without worrying.

Ask Doctor Dee

Dorothy Horton, PsyD, answers your questions in her latest Ask Doctor Dee column.


The Big Move

Questions for partners contemplating a shared space

Before You Cohabit

When you need to question a partner’s commitment

The Expert Says – Fall 2017

Couples must agree on many issues before moving in together.


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