Real Health Fall 2021

Real Health Fall 2021

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Ayesha Curry

Food, Fitness and Body Image

Like many women, Ayesha Curry has days when she looks in the mirror and is satisfied with her reflection and days when she thinks otherwise.

Beautiful young serene relaxed african girl taking selfie in the mirror

Social Media and Faking One’s Looks Online

A look at the effect on women’s body image of photographs showing real people versus their altered selves.

senior african american woman

What to Do About Age-Related Hearing Loss

One third of adults between ages 65 and 74 experience hearing loss, but the problem has a simple fix.

Health News

"SEX" being written on a blackboard

A New Direction for Sexual Health in Schools

Some educators believe sex ed for youngsters should also include sexual health services.

Beautiful african american woman showing her nails

Nail Knowledge

Your nails can say a lot about your health.

Understanding Age-Related Weight Gain

The body’s ability to remove and store fat declines with age.

A senior african american couple enjoy an evening on the town with ice cream

Live Better Longer

Evidence shows that a class of drugs called senolytics can inhibit many age-related illnesses, which might increase human longevity.

Canned soy free albacore white meat tuna packed in water on wood table background

Tuna Watch

When it comes to mercury content, what type of tuna is the safest to eat and in what amounts?

blue pills spilling out of bottle

HIV Treatment Compliance

Having trouble adhering to your medications? There are solutions to the problem.


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