Real Health Spring 2017

Real Health Spring 2017

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Baby Blues

Why do Black newborns die before their first birthday more often than White infants?

The Enigma of Extreme Mood Swings

Although bipolar disorder is hard for many to understand, mental health experts have learned much more about this perplexing mental...

A Taste For Life

Nourishing foods can improve health outcomes for people living with HIV.

Quench Thirsty Locks

Easy ways to hydrate moisture-starved natural hair

Stuff We Love – Spring 2017

A roundup of the latest must-have finds for hair, skin, health, beauty and more. These products are worth every cent.

From The Editor

Kate Ferguson

Racial Bias Goes Retro

Editor-in-Chief Kate Ferguson-Watson takes a look at racism in America under Trump.

Health News

Military Actions

Are U.S. soldiers physically fit enough to fight?

Sensitivity to Stuff

Common culprits can put your body on the defensive at any time.

Interaction Fears

Hep C drugs can conflict with other meds, but there are ways to steer clear of this issue.

Unpack Those Bags

Loaded pocketbooks can be a real pain.

Older Folks and HIV

The challenges of living with the virus

Unwanted Reactions

Side effects that may accompany PrEP

Laser-Powered Intimacy

Can pulses of light help restore function to a woman’s private parts?

Ask Doctor Dee

Dorothy Horton, PsyD, answers your questions in her latest Ask Doctor Dee column.

No Foods Off Limits

If you have diabetes, a special diet isn’t required.

Toss It

Forget kissing fallen food up to God.

No Air

Try these tricks for less foamy smoothies

Just Move!

How to compensate for too much sitting

Sore Points

The top five workout injuries and how to avoid them



Some de-stressing thoughts about the state of our nation

Freaked Out!

How one woman responded after Donald Trump became president

The Expert Says – Spring 2017

Plenty of folks are still in agony over the aftermath of the presidential campaign, but Sanam Hafeez, PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist


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