Your stomach is in knots.

Nonstop thinking about worst-case scenarios can lead to tummy tension, nausea and a lack of appetite.

Solution: Select one media outlet for your news; check it in the morning, and then focus on what you have to do that day.

You can’t focus.

When you fixate on a thought and are in a constant state of worry, it’s hard to concentrate on anything.

Solution: Exercise, meditate or pull out a coloring book and color away. You want to choose tasks that are repetitive, pleasurable and calming and don’t require a lot of focus.

You can’t sleep.

Tossing and turning at night is a true sign of anxiety and stress and can lead to a slew of illnesses.

Solution: Don’t watch the news before bed, and get into the habit of writing down things you appreciated that day so you can calm down and drift off on a positive note.