Real Health Winter 2011

Real Health Winter 2011

In every issue of Real Health, you’ll find the hottest topics of interest to our readers along with cutting-edge health information.

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Vivica A. Fox at The Heart Truth 2009

Coming of Age

It’s not that women mind getting older, says actress and entrepreneur Vivica A. Fox, they just don’t want to look it!

Spirited Meals

Liquor isn’t only for drinking.

Real Health

Shocks to the System

Many terrifying events can trigger post-traumatic stress disorder, but domestic abuse is often overlooked as one of them.

Inside the Issue

How Quickly Are You Aging?

The following 15 YES or NO questions can estimate how fast you’re aging, given your outlook and lifestyle.

Real Health

A Hairy Issue

What good is sporting a cute hairstyle if it keeps you from working out and staying fit?

Real Health

Stuff We Love—Winter 2011

A roundup of the latest, must-have finds for hair, skin, health and beauty, these products are worth every cent.

Real Health

Scary Stuff

Fears can be irrational (and impractical), but the shivers and racing heartbeat you feel are for real.

Real Health

Start Out Small

How Lolisa Gibson, an HIV educator and author of a book, The Way I See It, faced her fear of ostracism.

Real Health

The Expert Says

Fear can be debilitating, says Kent State University psychologist Angela Neal-Barnett, PhD. But with a little help, you can overcome anxiety-a...

Real Health

Let’s Talk Sex Appeal

Think you’re hot stuff? Great, but there’s more to sexual well-being.

Real Health

Ask the Sexpert

Sexologist Rachael L. Ross, MD, PhD, a.k.a. Dr. Rachael answers your questions.

Real Health

Inside Action

Do imprisoned black men get better health care than those on the outside?

Real Health

Raise the Bar in the ER

Emergency rooms could detect more HIV cases.

Real Health

Small, Fast, Accurate

A new HIV test is the size of a credit card—with results PDQ.

Real Health

This Is Sick

A widening wealth gap between blacks and whites means more health care casualties.

Real Health


The urge to do this doesn’t always mean you’re bored or want to catch a few zzz’s, according to scientists.

Real Health

Last Breath?

Don’t let allergies mean life or death for your child.

Real Health

Pop, Pop! Fizz, Fizz!

Take a harder look at soft drinks.

healthy fruits and vegetables

Eat Right Year-Round

Seasonal eating isn’t just for summer.

Real Health

Smart Holidaze Eating

Stay focused and avoid waistline worries with these three tips.

Real Health

Weighing In

Do personality traits power pounds off and on?

Real Health

Walk This Way

Can rocker-soled sneakers get you a better body?

Real Health

Editor’s Letter—Winter 2011

Who Me?


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