Real Health Fall 2015

Real Health Fall 2015

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Arthel Neville

Motherhood by Proxy

Like many women who dream of becoming mothers, Arthel Neville was willing to try almost anything.

Baby Worries?

How to tell if you have an infertility problem

Paleo Pointers

What’s so bad about eating good?

Delectable Desserts

Try this scrumptious Paleo sweet treat.

Safe & Sound

Meet one childhood cancer survivor and his mom who are eager to share their stories of hope and courage.

Just One Wish

The Hyundai Hope On Wheels program wants to end pediatric cancer.

From the Editor

Kate Ferguson

Editor’s Letter-Fall 2015

It seems hospitals are big business these days, and many have been rapidly consolidating.

Health News

Cautiously Optimistic

HIV stigma is still present, but more black women are sharing their stories.

Target Practice

No cure for the virus until sneaky HIV hiding in the body is killed

Holding Back the Years

ARV therapy and HIV-caused aging

Dying For Work

Each year millions get injured or die at or on the way to a job.

Check the Children

Are you a mom-to-be with hep C?

Animal House Rules

Easy ways to prevent pet-related infections

Everything Meals

Yes, you can get all the nutrients you need from food.

Basics to Recharge Your Batteries

Are energy bars overhyped when it comes to health?

Smile Smarts

Another reason to stop guzzling sweet beverages

Baby Bumps

Moms-to-be can exercise their fitness options.

Fueling Up for Fitness

Eat this, not that, before you exercise.

Let’s Talk Sex

Embarrassed to chat with your doc about your sexual health?

Ask Doctor Dee-Fall 2015

Dorothy Horton, PsyD, answers your questions in her latest Ask Doctor Dee column.


Totally Burned Out

When you’re so tired you feel like you have nothing left to give

Career Moves

How one woman used burnout to chase her wildest dreams

The Expert Says-Fall 2015

According to mental health professionals, there are many ways to deal with burnout on the job.


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