Q: What do you do if your boyfriend keeps borrowing money and not paying it back?

A: When you lend money to a loved one, your relationship can quickly get complicated. Frankly, before you began lending money to your man, you should have discussed it.

Your question seems to indicate that there is already a pattern in place: He asks, you fork over the cash, and then he doesn’t repay you.

In your case, you have a perfect reason to say no mas. At this point, you can either stop making loans to him or give him an ultimatum.

For example, you may want to tell him something along these lines: “If you don’t repay me this time, please don’t ever ask me for another loan again.”

If you have the money to lend without putting the squeeze on your finances, and you feel up to taking another chance on your boyfriend, then go ahead and lend him the cash.

But if he takes you for granted and once again doesn’t repay you, be prepared to follow through on your ultimatum.

At this point, realize that the relationship may turn sour. If that’s the case, consider this the writing on the wall.

This is when you must be ready to walk away and end things with your boyfriend and his mooching ways.