According to mental health professionals, there are many ways to deal with burnout on the job. Here, we offer a few tips to prevent, cope with and recover from this daunting state of emotional, mental and physical exhaustion that’s caused by prolonged stress.

What are some good ways to prevent burnout on the job?
Take breaks every few hours to build downtime into your workday. Stretch, meditate, take a short walk during lunch, or listen to soothing instrumental music while you work.

What can you do to cope when you’re burned out at work?

One way to cope with burnout on the job is to cash in your vacation and sick days. Totally fed up? Start looking for another job.

How can you recover if you’re already burned out?
Support at this time is key, so talk with friends or family who care about you. If you can take time off from work, use it to re-evaluate your life and priorities in general.