Don’t have time for the recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise at home or the gym? Then squeeze it in at the office. Yes, you can improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility—all during a day’s work, says Kara Smith, special programs coordinator for the Loyola Center for Fitness in Illinois.

Smith recommends these in-office exercises:

No-rope skipping: 
Pretend you have a jump rope. Swing the invisible rope while jumping on both legs or alternate legs for great cardio benefits.

Deskside push-ups: 
Sit in a wheel-less desk chair and place your hands on its arms. Lift yourself until your bottom clears the chair seat then lower yourself back down. Aim for 15 reps to build arm, shoulder and chest muscles.

Wrist circles: 
Hold your arms in front of you and gently move your wrists in a counterclockwise motion. Then make fists and open them as wide as you can. (Great for increasing flexibility.)

“You don’t have to clock 30 grueling minutes on a treadmill—these exercises can be done during a staff break,” Smith says. “Every bit of physical activity [done through-
out the day] benefits you.”