If you’d like to stay fit but never seem to find enough exercise time, then try a total body workout. It’s efficient and effective—plus, it helps you lose or maintain weight and stay in shape, says Pete McCall, a personal trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Total body workouts challenge all the body’s major muscle groups (legs, core, chest, back, shoulders and arms) in one session. This kind of workout is more effective for people who only have a few days each week to exercise, McCall says.

Do one of his 45-minute routines at least three times each week:

First work the lower body’s major muscle group: Do three sets (12 repetitions) of the leg press; rest for 45 seconds between each set.

Then work the upper body’s major muscle groups, starting with the larger ones: Do three sets (12 repetitions) each of the shoulder press, back row, chest press, standing cable rotations, biceps curls and triceps extensions; rest for 45 seconds between each set.

For more total body workouts, check out acefitness.org.