Don’t believe the hype about everything you drink. Beverage companies’ health claims are often hard to swallow for a reason. Remember last year’s class-action lawsuit against the Coke-owned makers of vitaminwater? A federal judge ruled that vitaminwater couldn’t be labeled as “healthy” according to Food and Drug Administration definitions. But some drinks are very nutritious, says Lora Ann Welter, a clinical dietician at Beaufort Memorial Hospital in South Carolina. Here, she lists the top five, research-backed beverages that legitimately support a healthy lifestyle.

Orange juice
Yes, it’s sugary, but this popular citrus drink is loaded with calcium, plus vitamins C and D. (Just drink a little less.)

This tangy probiotic drink—it’s fermented cow’s milk—enhances digestion, stimulates the immune system and may inhibit bacterial growth.

Red wine
Moderate amounts of this spirited antioxidant drink can boost cardiovascular health. But avoid it if you suffer from high blood pressure or alcohol abuse.

Skim milk
Build muscle and strengthen bones with this excellent source of protein, calcium and vitamin D.

This natural resource provides internal lubrication and cleansing, while properly hydrating the body and maintaining its fluid balance.

What can we say, pour it on.