Q: How do I handle my insecure husband?

A: Dealing with an insecure husband is never easy, as this problem can harm one’s emotional health and well-being and destroy a relationship.

First, closely examine any part you may unwittingly play in triggering your mate’s anxieties. Be aware of things you say or do that may erode your husband’s self-confidence or fuel his fears.

If your partner voices unwarranted suspicions, let him know how disappointed you feel when he questions or challenges your love, loyalty and faithfulness without just cause. The fact that how he behaves affects you deeply may force him to realize that his neediness may end up pushing you away.

In addition, determine which of your husband’s insecurities are too toxic and disruptive. For example, you may decide to overlook the small issues and tackle only those you can’t ignore.

When your mate’s behavior crosses the line and places unreasonable expectations on you, stand your ground. Choose a time when both of you can discuss these issues rationally. Be brutally honest with yourself about whether your husband is likely to change. Is he willing to seek help to address the problem? If so, offer to accompany him to counseling.

But if your partner is unwilling to admit that his behavior is creating a rift in your relationship, be prepared to move on.