Yeah, yeah, so you regularly shampoo and condition your hair. Plus you limit your use of heated styling tools, and you go easy on the chemical treatments. Great. But what did you eat for dinner, asks—that affects your locks as well.

Yes. A nutritious diet is essential to healthy hair maintenance. Add the following staples to your diet to ensure you’re not starving your mane in the short and long run:

Protein, vitamin B and zinc. Get these healthy-hair-support essentials from lean meats. Ever thought of trying a taste of buffalo? (Hey, it’s leaner than chicken!) Buffalo is also a great source of iron-rich protein, zinc and vitamin B-12. Zinc promotes tissue growth, maintenance and oil gland function while vitamins, such as B-12, B-6 and folate, help create red blood cells. These cells supply the scalp and hair follicles with nutrients. (You can also get the same nutritional support from shellfish, such as clams and oysters. And if you’re not a meat lover, try soybeans.)

Vitamins A and C. Did you know that pairing foods with ascorbic acids and veggie-based, iron-rich proteins can increase your body’s ability to use keratin? (That’s a hair-strengthening protein.) A combo of tofu stir-fry with broccoli and peppers is a must! Vitamin C, found in yummy strawberries, guava and oranges, helps form collagen, mucho important to hair growth. And vitamin A, found in carrots and liver, helps preserve healthy hair and skin.

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