Married to a couch potato? Kids glued to the computer or TV? To get them physically active, “create a positive, bonding, fun, family fitness experience that offers a platform for a lifelong love of being active,” says Debi Pillarella, MEd, a fitness specialist with the American Council on Exercise. This means no bossy “drill-sergeant” calisthenics—and never, ever use exercise as a punishment.
Pillarella recommends parents interest themselves and their kids in the following activities:

Biking, hiking, kayaking or bird-watching in scenic outdoor locations
  • Sports and games that appeal to a family member’s competitive side, such as touch football, tennis or bowling
  • Unstructured active play, such as jumping rope, playing tag or spinning a Frisbee
But before the fun and games begin, remember that younger kids need adult supervision to avoid injury while exercising, especially for weight training and sports. Ask your pediatrician what’s age-appropriate for your kids.