OK, so you’re consistent with your workout program. Then why does your body look pretty much like it did when you first started? The answer: “Maybe you’ve been doing the same workouts for a while but now aren’t getting as many benefits from them,” says Kelly James-Enger, an American Council of Exercise–certified personal trainer at TOPS Club Inc., a nonprofit network of weight-loss support groups and wellness education organizations in the United States and Canada.

James-Enger suggests you walk, run or bike as fast as you can for one or two minutes after you warm up and then recover for the same amount of time before resuming a blistering pace. Training this way forces your body to work harder than usual and burns more calories.

In addition, you can diversify workouts: Make sessions short and intense, vary the number of days you exercise each week, opt for outdoor activities or work up a sweat in the privacy of your home.