Many people believe they know how to use a condom, but according to recent findings published in the journal Sexual Health, the evidence says otherwise.

Searching through articles in peer-reviewed journals, researchers looked for references to improper prophylactic use encountered in 14 different countries.

The most common error? Folks did not use condoms all the way through sex; instead, they applied the condoms after they already started sex or they removed them then resumed sexual intercourse.

Other problematic habits include not fully unrolling the condom, not leaving enough space at the tip, not squeezing air from the tip, putting the condom on wrong then turning it over to use, beginning sex before unrolling the condom to the base of the penis, using a damaged condom, sliding the condom on with no lubrication or with an oil-based lubricant (oil-based lubes can weaken the condom), withdrawing after sex without holding the base of the condom, reusing a condom during the same sexual episode, and using an incorrectly stored or expired condom.

Though these mistakes may seem trivial, they can expose sexual partners to infection from skin-to-skin contact or exposure to genital secretions.

What’s the takeaway? RH suggests: Don’t just wrap it up—wrap it up right!