When it comes to produce, we’re often torn between healthy versus inexpensive. But half the battle is knowing when to splurge and when to save on healthy eats. Here’s advice from registered dietitian Angela Hermes, of Nourishing Transitions Nutrition Services.

Consider going organic for: apples, celery, strawberries, peaches and spinach. “The Environmental Working Group (EWG) found these produce to be those most contaminated with pesticides when not grown organically,” Hermes says.
Consider conventionally grown fruits and vegetables for onions, sweet corn, pineapple, avocado and asparagus. “These produce are considered the safest to buy when they are grown conventionally,” Hermes says. Why? Because thick-skinned foods, such as pineapple and avocado, are protected from absorbing pesticides, while thinner-skinned produce, such as berries, are more vulnerable.

And, she points out, “Consuming conventionally grown produce [of any kind] is better than not eating any at all.”