A former fashion model, Audrey Adams is the founder of TheAdamsReport.com, a multimedia lifestyle Internet portal for African-American women. Using her role as an information provider, she has accomplished a personal mandate: Encourage women to take better care of themselves and their families and to become their own advocates.

Adams feels black folks have a responsibility to teach their young the value of good health and show them how to attain it. Sometimes that means changing habits and even breaking with tradition.

“[Black women are] still cooking the way momma used to cook—and they’re cooking that way for their families,” Adams says, citing one example. “Right now, we can see the result of that with childhood obesity rates soaring and kids in our neighborhoods eating fast food and foods high in saturated fats or with excess salt and sugar.

“If we don’t take on the responsibility of teaching our kids how to eat correctly, we won’t have a next generation,” Adams adds. “We have a chance to do that now.”
To see how she teaches new-school style is as easy as logging onto Adams’s website and listening to Talk! With Audrey, a program with notable guests from all walks of life.

As Adams says: “It’s key to empowerment that we seek information, don’t put on blinders and first take care of our whole body—from the inside out.”