Yes, you can work out and maintain your hair style and hair health, says Johnny Wright, SoftSheen-Carson’s artistic style director. Below he tells us how, using some of his company’s popular products.

Always start with well-conditioned, healthy hair, the key to a great style. Use a deep conditioner, such as SoftSheen-Carson’s Roots of Nature Reconstructing Deep Treatment. Conditioning your hair weekly will prepare your locks for your week’s workout.

If you wrap your hair at night, keep it wrapped and tied with a silk scarf during your workout. Do not unwrap your hair until after you shower. Make it almost the last thing you do. This will allow your scalp to completely dry. Then remove your wrap and style hair. Use a pea-sized amount (a little goes a long way) of SoftSheen-Carson’s Roots of Nature Strengthening Oil Moisturizer to replenish shine and lock in the hair’s moisture.

If you don’t wrap your hair at night, wear your hair in a ponytail while you work out. Lightly moisturize your scalp the night before using a light oil treatment like SoftSheen-Carson’s Roots of Nature Stimulating Scalp Oil. In the morning, place your hair in a tight ponytail (not too tight), add a drop of oil treatment to your ends then tuck them in.

Use exercise-friendly hair style options, such as wearing your hair natural (kinky or curly), braided or twisted—even do straw sets. Whatever your choice, remember to condition and moisturize your hair to keep it healthy, strong and prepared for your active lifestyle.