Real Health Summer 2010

Real Health Summer 2010

In every issue of Real Health, you’ll find the hottest topics of interest to our readers along with cutting-edge health information.

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Real Health

The Race Is On

When not training for more Olympic gold, celebrated swimmer Cullen Jones is on a mission to make more black kids aware of water safety and the...

Inside the Issue

Real Health

Swim for Your Life

Water activity has proven health benefits, but did you know that men can cut their risk of death in half by simply doing a few laps?

young woman applying sun cream at the beach

Sun Sense

Think blacks don’t get skin cancer? Well, forget that myth and slather on some sun protection.

Real Health

The ABCs of Melanin

Because of this pigment in the skin, getting a few Ds is also a vital part of day-to-day black health.

Real Health

Black Health: A State of the Union Address

When will African Americans learn that no one can save us but us?

Real Health

PEP Squad

The 411 on HIV post-exposure prophylaxis

Real Health

Weighty Issues

HIV is no longer all about wasting.

Socialized Medicine

Today, this may mean visiting virtual communities online for health care info.

Real Health

Listen Up, Turn It Down

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 12.5 percent of youth ages 6 to 19 and 17 percent of adults ages...

Real Health

Thumbs Down

Too much texting could cause a variety of health problems.

Real Health

Fitness Set in Motion?

Holiday preview: Sony and other game makers will challenge players to get off their duffs and keep it moving.

Real Health

Is Sex a Lust-Less Affair?

It might not be because you’ve lost interest.

That’s Enough, Thanks

Knowing proper portions of food helps you stay healthy. But how much is too much? The answer is in your hands. 

Real Health

Battle of the Binge

Strategies for avoiding stress-related eating

Real Health

Green Cuisine Basics

If you’d like to try a vegetarian diet, nature’s bountiful summer season may be the best time to go meatless.

Real Health

Going Back to Your Roots

A stress-free transition from relaxed to natural is possible if you give delicate African-American tresses enough TLC.

Real Health

No-Sweat Hair Tips

Staying healthy means being active, but can you get physical without getting your hair messed up?

Real Health

Each One, Reach One

Media personality Audrey Adams uses new-school media to practice this old-school philosophy.

Real Health

The Expert Says

How do you find your passion in life?

Real Health

Family Matters

When she discovered her son had a mental illness, Jacquelynne Borden-Conyers sought and found support.

Real Health

Wii Fit or False?

Does the popular fitness game actually make you healthier?

Real Health

Editor’s Letter Summer 2010

Study Findings Say...


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