Real Health Fall 2020

Real Health Fall 2020

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Justin Gatlin

Despite His Advanced Age, Justin Gatlin Is a Peak Performer

Have older elite athletes stopped the clock on the physiological decline of the body?

a finish line

Sports: A Double-Edged Sword

Competition has a darker side that’s seldom discussed.

Walking in Purpose

Joyce Turner Keller fights HIV stigma in the Black church. 

HIV Among African Americans

The racial disparity gap has widened since the start of the HIV epidemic, with diagnoses higher among Black men who have sex with men.

From the Editor


Do You Fear COVID-19?

Conquer the coronavirus by relinquishing control.


Treating Depression

A new approach proposes healing the body as well as the mind.

Pet Services

Animal friends offer more than just companionship.

Cigarette with blue smoke on black background

Price of Cigarettes

Heavy smokers may pay with diabetes.

An African American woman looking in a mirror

Representation Matters

Minorities are rarely shown in TV ads for medications for certain skin conditions and may be getting less optimal treatment as a result.

Chadwick Boseman

Disproportionately Affected

The Black community has the highest rate of colorectal cancer of any racial/ethnic group in the U.S.


The Good Life


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