Real Health Fall 2019

Real Health Fall 2019

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Viola Davis

Alarming Statistics

When actress Viola Davis learned she had prediabetes she heeded her wake-up call.

Veggie Burger

Protein Substitutions

Plant-based burgers and hot dogs that look and taste like meat are becoming staples of the American diet.

woman poised to start a running race illustration of bones showing through her leg

When Healing Goes Haywire

The longer that initially beneficial inflammation persists in our bodies, the greater our risk for health issues.

Affordable Options

Many cancer survivors who undergo mastectomy can’t afford reconstruction surgery. But help is available.

Vegamour CBD + Biotin Vegan Gummies

Stuff We Love – Fall 2019

A roundup of the latest must-have finds for hair, skin, health, beauty and more. These products are worth every cent.

Editor’s Letter

Kate Ferguson

Mood Mathematics

New algorithms make machines more human than ever.

Health News

woman dressed in handmaids tale red outfits protest cuts to abortion funding

“The Handmaid’s Tale” Today

What would happen if women lost their say-so regarding reproductive rights?

blue pills spill out of white bottle

Deal or No Deal?

Is generic PrEP in 2020 too good to be true?

older woman's hand scratching her arm

Skin Issues

HIV and psoriasis

jar of change with lable cancer care

Worried and Sick

How to pay for cancer treatment and related costs

angry yellow liver illustration

Hepatitis News

The link between diabetes and liver disease

black boy sitting on floor hands in arms sad

What’s Wrong?

Signs of mental illness in kids

black woman in workout gear lifting a dumbell

Toning Up

Here’s the scientific formula: Build and shape muscle as you reduce fat.

illustration jogging clock day and night

Time to Exercise

Does it matter whether you work out in the morning or evening?

Green leafy vegetables in a wooden tray.

Potent Produce

Cancer-fighting greens

fish wrapped in plastic

Fishy Listings

An update on a recent report about seafood fraud in the United States

hand picking up donut with sprinkles

Sweet-Tooth Tamers

Easy ways to handle our very human liking for sugary treats

girl sick sleeping on couch

Pain in Your Pelvic Area?

Book a doctor’s visit ASAP to get checked for endometriosis.

african american couple sitton on couch

What are some signs that your significant other might be leading a double life?

Dorothy Horton, PsyD, answers your questions in her latest Ask Doctor Dee column.


illustration of brains as pills in blister pack

Science Smarts

Can genius be packaged?


Thoughts about using drugs to boost performance

The Expert Says – Fall 2019

Barbara Sahakian, PhD, discusses ethical and practical issues raised by the use of smart drugs on her school blog.

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