Findings show that newborns smile when they’re fed something sweet but respond negatively to sour or bitter tastes. “This suggests that children are born with an innate preference for sweetness,” explains Marion Hetherington, who is a biopsychologist at England’s University of Leeds.

Still, too much sugar can be bad for both children and adults.

But here’s good news: Experts have some tips for avoiding overindulging. For instance, eat only a little of what you crave. Better yet, pair sweets with a filling healthier food (preferably, something rich in fiber and nutrients, such as a delicious fruit or high-protein fare).

Alternatively, you can chew a stick of gum or get moving to distract yourself from the desire for something sweet.

Whatever you choose to do, though, don’t wait too long to eat. Hunger can prompt you to quell belly rumblings with sugary or fatty foods.