Q: What are some signs that your significant other might be leading a double life?  

A: Human beings lie for a multitude of reasons. But when individuals in romantic relationships deliberately deceive their partners to lead a double life, chances are that they’re dropping clues here and there that can expose their lies. Of course, when the truth surfaces, the consequences of their actions affect both parties in the partnership.

Here are several warning signs that you might be dealing with a “double-lifer,” according to relationship experts:

  • Despite always “working overtime,” your partner’s paycheck shows no increase.
  • Your calls go unanswered, or are returned only when it’s convenient for your partner. 
  • When asked about his or her whereabouts, your mate can’t give logical answers. (Often an individual will attempt to distract, criticize or flirt with a significant other to avoid questions.) 
  • Your partner is disinterested in you and avoids closeness.
  • Your loved one’s personality changes abruptly.
  • Credit card statements show items or services purchased that you know nothing about.

Certainly, there can be many more signs that your partner is leading a secret life.

But in a happy and healthy relationship, there is no room for lies and deception. For relationships to grow and get stronger, there must be true commitment, effective communication, respect, trust, honesty and genuine love between two people.