According to psychologists, people are naturally conditioned to want love and approval from others. This is why it may be so difficult to handle the fact that not everyone will like us. But although there’s no escape from that harsh truth, we can take steps to bolster our self-esteem when we’re faced with rejection.

First, try to understand what triggered the rebuff. Sometimes all our efforts fail no matter how hard we try to win someone’s approval. When there’s no clear reason for an individual to dislike you, it can be especially frustrating. This is the perfect opportunity to determine the value of connecting with the person who doesn’t seem to care for you. Think critically and carefully about whether it’s worth your time and energy to try to win over individuals who seem to have made up their mind about you without even knowing you.

Second, determine whether a person’s dislike really matters. Ask yourself the following questions: How much of an effect on my life will this individual have? Why do I feel the need to have this person like me?

Honest answers should help you put the situation into perspective so you can choose how best to react to baseless hostility. Most often, that response will be to let go and walk away.