One holistic nutrition theory advises that if your body needs specific nutrients, you may begin craving a particular taste sensation. Here are some substitutions for those cravings that allow you to get the satisfaction you need while still eating healthy:

Sweet and creamy: Thinking ice cream? Not! Cut a ripe banana into slices, freeze overnight, toss into a blender or food processor and then mix. Presto! Fluffy faux ice cream ready to enjoy.

Salty snack foods: Nix the potato chips, people! Uncover the hummus and baby carrot sticks. Just dip, swirl and eat. Crunchy? Hell, yeah! Delicious? You bet!

Chocolate: Forget the stuff that melts in your mouth, but remember this: Sprinkle one teaspoon of cocoa powder into two to three tablespoons of most any nut butter. Spread into a small, rectangular pan, chill and then cut into squares and indulge.