It’s a common belief that colon cleansing is the only way to rid the body of excess toxins. Au contraire people: Eat healthy foods, such as fruits and veggies, to clean your body from the inside out.

How to start? Healthy detoxification begins with purging your diet of foods saturated with chemicals and hormones, says Lisa Harris, MD, of a Virginia-based weight management facility called The Chase Wellness Center.

“It’s recommended you eat organic foods, which are pesticide-free,” Harris says. “Sometimes [pesticides] build up in the body and can have adverse effects.”

The vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants found in Mother Nature’s all-plant smorgasbord work together to eliminate toxins, including free radicals—unstable, reactive molecules known to accelerate the body’s aging process.

If you don’t always get the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables, Harris suggests you opt for a good multivitamin supplement.