’Tis the season to celebrate with family, friends and fabulous food. But those tempting treats can make it a challenge to maintain a healthy weight and keep blood-sugar levels in check. Egg nog, for instance, is basically a health hazard in a glass. So as you survey the office buffet table or plan a holiday fete, consider the following alternatives to traditional fare.

  Cream cheese Soft goat cheese 1/3 less calories, half the saturated fat
  Bread Crispbread or crackers Cuts calories in half
  Sour cream dip Salsa No fat and few calories
 Meatballs Cold cuts Half the fat and calories
  Chicken wings Chicken skewers Eliminates the fat-laden skin
  Dipping chips Dipping vegetables Reduces calories and provides fiber
 Pasta salad  Bean salad Less fat, MORE fiber, more filling
  Mini pastriesDark Chocolate  Cuts fat plus contains antioxidants
 Wine Wine spritzers Fewer Calories