Real Health Spring 2021

Real Health Spring 2021

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Taraji Henson

Taraji P. Henson Talks Mental Health and Healing

The actress-director wants to fuel more conversations about mental health among African Americans.

Black People’s Mental Health Is Under Siege

COVID-19 and police brutality take a toll on the mental health of African Americans

Starr Phipps

From Epilepsy to Empowerment

Starr Phipps endured years of stigma in school due to epilepsy. A non-medication treatment reduced the number of seizures she experienced.

Bré Anne Rivera

Black Lives Still Matter

Uplifting social justice and HIV

From the Editor

American Flag

Killing America’s Biggest Problem

Vanquishing racism requires much more than meaningless gestures and rhetoric.


Diabetes Concerns More Than Just Blood Sugar Levels

How diabetes affects driving insurance

Turning Herpes Off

Findings uncover a genetic process that may lead to a cure for herpes.

covid-19 herd immunity concept illustration many heads different colors cut out of paper

COVID-19 Vaccines and Herd Immunity

Now that COVID vaccines are available in the United States, how and when will we achieve herd immunity?

A senior female is receiving her COVID-19 vaccine

Vaccines for Aging

Can immunization therapies help older people stay functional?

HIV Protection With a Vaginal Ring?

The device would be the first woman-controlled, long-acting HIV prevention method.

healthy eating

Create Healthy Meals With Anti-Inflammatory Foods

What we eat can either increase or decrease inflammation in the body.


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