Yo Jeff has been added to the Harlem Book Fair in Newark, NJ to present a Hip Hop dating workshop and fun Speed Dating event. The book fair will be held April 27 - 28, 2012. Yo Jeff’s Hip Hop dating seminar and speed dating will be held on Saturday April 28th at 2pm at Rutgers Univ Newark, Paul Robeson student center. The speed dating is open to ages 25 and up. Speed dating participants should arrive at 2:40pm.

The Harlem Book Fair was founded by Max Rodriguez in 1998 when he realized there was no public celebration of writing or writers, right in the home of the Harlem Renaissance. The Vision of the Harlem Book Fair is to partner with local and national leadership organizations under the banner of literacy awareness, affirming HBF as the nation’s largest African American literary event celebrating family literacy, community empowerment, and community cooperation. Newark is joining other cities that host the event like Atlanta, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Boston & Hempstead. The event in Harlem draws over 50,000 people and over 250 vendors. The Harlem Book fair in Newark will be on MLK Blvd from Central Ave to Warren Street (rain or shine) on April 28. Accompanying the event, will be other events that include readings, poetry, lectures and more on the 27th and 28th. Most events will take place at Rutgers-Newark.

Newark, New Jersey’s largest city already is home to arts and cultural venues, six universities and the Dodge Poetry Festival, and many of the state’s largest corporations. Dr. Clement A. Price, Rutgers Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor, is chairperson of the Newark fair, while Wilma Grey, director of the Newark Public Library, is Newark event director. www.harlembookfair.com For more specific information contact Max Rodriguez, 914-231-6778, or Carla Capizzi, 973/353-5263.

Hip Hop Dating coach Yo Jeff brings his exciting approach of finding a life partner to the popular matchmaking system of Speed Dating with his own style of Speed Dating. Run mostly like a traditional speed dating event participants have 6 minutes per date and receive their matches on the spot. What’s special about Yo Jeff’s Speed Dating events each round of dating is given a theme from his book “20 Soul Questions for a Better Relationship.” Participants are asked to include the theme in their speed date conversations. Before the dating begins Yo Jeff does a presentation on his patented Hip Hop dating formula including tips on maximizing speed dating. Yo Jeff also breaks up the speed dating rounds with fun games like his “First date” game and his “Personal Pitch” game. He does mini presentations on his Hip Hop dating codes which show people how to date without causing drama from his Stop the GAME workshop. He shares tips from his Playa Hata list on how to use dating to avoid dating predators.

Yo Jeff Carroll is Hip Hop 1st Dating coach. Yo Jeff uses healthy dating ideas and combines them with the fun and lively subculture of Hip Hop to show people how to address STDs, and Drama. He lives with his wife and son in South Florida. He is a contributor to Real Health magazine. Yo Jeff has written for Swerv magazine America’s leader in Black LGBT health issues as well as College magazines and newspapers nationwide. He wrote and produced the award-winning movie Gold Digger Killer and in 2005 his Hip Hop Dating Codes were endorsed by Hip Hop Culturalist KRS-ONE. His workshop Stop the GAME is enjoyed by colleges students and people everywhere. He has been a guest on NBC 6 Miami, New York’s Hot 97 and Air America with respected Hip Hop intellectual Chuck D.