Believe it or not there are a lot of hot available women who want to meet nice guys. However you won’t find them unless you go to non conventional locations. Night clubs and bars are the go to places for singles but its their popularity that is their biggest flaw. Night clubs are where everybody goes to meet dates or people just to have sex with. In fact there are so many people in night clubs its hard to really meet someone and form any other connection with other than a physical one. Even if you can talk over the music there are so many men looking for bootycalls that guys looking for someone to date get lost in the sauce. Just about every women in a club doesn’t have to try much to get a few drinks bought for her and a bunch of frivolous date propositions.
Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against physical attractions but night clubs are not the best place for them to form. When men and especially women prepare to go to a night club they dress in their most sexiest outfits. They put on so much costuming that they look nothing like how they really look during the day. Women wear heels so high they can’t dance. If they have on jeans they are some form of body shaping jeans that can make the saggiest, most out of shape person look fit. Even if they wear a dress they can still have on spanks. So often times the person the guys get attracted to is not who the girl really is.
Women in these places get approached by so many men that they get jaded before they even enter the club. When a nice guy approaches them they can’t tell distinguish the difference between him and the booty call seeking men. Sex pitching is common at night clubs and bars that guys have to try hard to think of a way to come off sincere. Once a guy who wants a relationship overcomes the reputation of other guys the chances of them finding a woman who is also looking for a relationship is hard. See there are women who want booty calls as well and that’s why they go to night clubs. That’s why its so hard for relationship minded people to meet in night clubs. The relationship interested women get frustrated and the relationship minded men are hard to recognize.
So I have put together a list of places hot available women can be found. These places may not places where people expect to be met but that’s the beauty of them. It’s a lot easier to overcome the obstacle of surprise than it is overcome frustration. Here are my top ten places to meet women who are more open to get met.
1. Events. Programs in the park or special outdoor events sponsored by the city are perfect because they are public and attract a wide variety of people. Also they are often free.
2. Activities. Walking marathons, car shows, home modeling expos and carnivals attract lots of people and not everybody there is single so booty call pitching is not the main dish on the menu.
3. Tourist places. Every city has some sort of attraction. Even if it is a restaurant or historical monument. When going to one of these places check for the tourist directory to see when the people traffic will be the highest. The only factor at a tourist location you need to be mindful of is meeting a tourist. Most tourist do not live in the area of the attraction. But if the attraction is a restaurant or a big monument there will be local people there.
4. Malls. I love looking for women in malls maybe because my first job after college was in a jean store in a mall. The mall is not just a place for shoppers it is also a good place for shopping for people. Everybody goes to the mall not just people who shop for expensive clothing. This is a good place to look for a date basically because it attracts a lot of people.
5. Happy Hours. Happy Hours take place in bars and bar areas at restaurants but they don’t attract the same people. People come to happy hours after they get off work and they are usually interested in relaxing.
6. Weddings. I like the idea of going to a wedding with your eyes open. Now I’m not talking about crashing a wedding like in the movie Wedding Crashers starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Smith. I’m suggesting that going to the weddings of your friends and meeting the single women there.
7. Cafeterias. Office building cafes are beautiful places for looking for single people. Even the food trucks outside of office buildings are good places. The only drawback is some corporations are so large they have their own cafeterias. The best cafeterias are cafeterias in mix company buildings that way you don’t have to worry about meeting someone who works for the same company you do.
8. Public Transportation. How about taking the bus or the train to find a date. I bet you never thought about public transportation before. Even though people don’t take the express shuttle to meet other people I’m sure they’ve met somebody on the bus. Since I’ve mostly worked out of my house whenever I took the bus into New York I always met somebody. Public transportation is not only for people who don’t have cars sometimes public transportation is the most convenient and affordable way to get to work. During the working hours public transportation is host to lots of attractive and single people.
9. Food Courts. In addition to the office cafeterias out door food courts are excellent places to meet people. There are food courts all over the place. They have food courts in sight seeing areas and in parks. Some cities have areas where food trucks come together on weekends and meet their own food courts. These food courts are an unused single meeting location.
10. Parks, exercise groups. What if meeting someone perfect to date was as simple as going for a walk in the park? Ha ha it is. In the warm months in every city people come out to exercise. Most of the time it is a single person who is walking around getting in shape. There are running groups, biking groups, trail walking groups and even crossfit groups. Choose a group based on your interest and ability and make friends and meet dates. The good thing about meeting someone in the park is that you can get in shape at the same time.

As always enjoy my tips and post your comments. This time place let me know if I’ve turned you on to a new idea and please share your love story.