When transitions come unexpectedly, what is the best way to regain a sense of control?
First, pause. Identify your fears. Realize feelings are not permanent. You may not be in control of your circumstances, but you are in control of how you choose to act going forward.

What is a simple way for us to overcome the fear of failing?
We fear failure when we believe that there is only one right outcome and, therefore, everything else is wrong. But perfection is not a destination, so we’ll always fall short of it. Don’t fear failing. Believe there are many possible outcomes—ones you may not even know yet. This belief can allow your fear to transform into faith that you will land someplace that may be different, but that may also be even better.

How does the way we view our mistakes help us to negotiate transitions in our lives?
If we see our past choices as mistakes, we eventually view ourselves that way. Change the narrative and tell yourself a different story. Realize everything that happened in the past led you to this moment when you have more information and tools to forge ahead. One story weakens our resolve; the other strengthens it. You choose.