Stuff We Like PhytoSpecific’s Baobab Oil (3.3 fl. oz., $40) and Phytogrowth Spray (50 ml, about $48)
If having long, luscious, healthy locks is your goal, look no further than these nourishing, hydrating treatments.

Kitchen Table Bakers’ Aged Parmesan Cheese Crisps (3 oz. pack, $5.99)
Crave a snack? These super crunchy, low-carb crackers are made entirely of cheese and contain no gluten, wheat, trans fats or sugars; eat them like chips.

Cocopotamus Truffles (5 pieces, between $10 and $12)
Indulge your sweet tooth sensibly with these scrumptious, guilt-free confections, in 32 gluten-free flavors, some vegan.

Nufoot (a variety of styles, $14.99 per pair)
This colorful, waterproof, neoprene footwear works like protective socks to help stop slips and slides on indoor surfaces.

Wahl’s Hot-Cold Therapy Massager and Massaging Gel Pack ($24.99 to $59.99) Hit pain with a one-two punch to speed recovery from muscle swelling and inflammation.

3G Stepper ($179 to $1,999)
Try this cool cross between a bike and a low-impact step machine for a really fun, challenging and effective full-body workout.