Get your vitamins.
Eat foods rich in vitamin A to promote a healthy scalp, vitamin C to strengthen the hair shaft and follicles, biotin for blood circulation and hair growth, vitamin E to help blood flow to scalp and to prevent hair loss, vitamin D to aid the hair follicles, iron to help carry oxygen to the scalp and promote hair growth, and B vitamins to help hair growth, reduce hair loss and increase thickness.

Keep scalp clean.

Shampoos remove dead skin cells and product buildup. But don’t use too many products, especially stuff with harsh chemicals. And do massage your scalp to stimulate blood circulation.

Know your hair type.

This way you can choose the right products.

Give your hair a break.
Use protective hairstyles such as twists and loose braids that protect fragile ends and reduce manipulation.

Don’t brush hair.

But if you must do this, use a soft boar bristle brush on dry hair that’s well moisturized.

Transition to natural hair.

A return to your roots does give your hair a break from chemical processes.

Get hair trimmed.
Dust the ends by a quarter to a half inch about every six weeks, or every six months, depending on the condition of your hair.

Let hair air-dry.
But if you must use a dryer, let hair air-dry a little and then use the dryer on a cool setting.  

Moisturize hair before styling.

Use a light oil on locks before and after washing. And oil those ends before heat styling!