Topo Athletic Footwear

Topo Athletic Footwear

(women’s and men’s styles for road, trail and gym, $100 to $130)

Designed to conform to the shape of the feet and different running patterns, these lightweight shoes also provide superb performance during movement with a comfortable feel and fit.

Sporty Hairbanglez

(stacks, $10)

When placed on your wrist, these stylish, colorful bracelet bangles comfortably and conveniently store and conceal your hair ties without pinching your skin or cutting off your circulation; made of 100% silicone.

Yerba Prima Great Plains Bentonite + Herbal Detox

(60 capsules, $19.99)

This blend of detoxifying herbs and high-quality bentonite clay was created to cleanse the body of chemicals and heavy metals and balance the hormones in men and women for improved sexual health.

Telic Sports and Fitness Footwear

(various styles and colors, $39.95 to $49.95)

This line of American-made sandals, slides and other styles is made with exclusive Novalon material that’s waterproof, lightweight, pillow soft and constructed to conform to your feet for total toe-to-heel support.


(available in more than 75 colors and in various sizes and cap styles; prices vary)

Made of BPA- and BPS-free materials, these simply designed bottles are ultra-functional, durable, reusable and leakproof and won’t harbor odors.

ACUMOBILITY Ball and Eclipse Foam Roller

(ball, $24.95; roller, $69.95)

Designed to improve muscle elasticity, length, range of motion and flexibility, these sturdy, versatile fitness tools can also help to reduce postworkout soreness when used as directed.