Choose a lightweight conditioner. These products have a consistency like lotion and are great for newbies who want to start off slowly when using conditioner to wash their hair and don’t want to weigh down their tresses with thick products.

Wet your hair. Water helps you smooth conditioner onto the hair evenly so strands get coated from root to tip.

Gently rub conditioner into the hair. Use the padded part of your fingertips and lightly massage your scalp to cleanse away dirt and stimulate blood flow under the skin.

Deep condition while you wash. Place a plastic cap on your hair, and wrap your head in an old scarf or T-shirt. Either sit under a dryer, or simply leave your hair wrapped for 15 to 20 minutes.

Rinse conditioner from your hair. Stand under a showerhead and allow warm water to stream through your hair until all the conditioner is gone. Adjust the temperature of the water until it’s tolerably cool. Allow the spray from the showerhead to complete your co-wash.

Apply your favorite hair preparations. Some people may find that after co-washing they don’t need any additional products in their tresses. Others may prefer to seal moisture into their strands by using a favorite oil before styling.