Real Health Summer 2016

Real Health Summer 2016

In every issue of Real Health, you’ll find the hottest topics of interest to our readers along with cutting-edge health information.

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Jackie Joyner-Kersee on the Agony of Relief

Olympic champion Jackie Joyner-Kersee has learned that opioid meds (used to treat chronic pain) can have distressing side effects.

She’s the Greatest!

More about a sports legend in her own time

freshly pulled carrots laying on dirt

Home Grown: Nothing Beats Fruits and Veggies Fresh From the Garden

Nothing beats fruits and veggies fresh from your garden for top-notch nutrition, plus a host of other health benefits.

freshly pulled carrots laying on dirt

Dig This!

How to plant a garden that delivers delicious, nutritious produce for your table

Losing It All: Visualize the Way You’d Like to Look

Visualizing the way you’d like to look can help you shed weight.

a model of a human brain on a white background

Think Your Way Thin!

Some psychologists suggest using brainpower to help change unhealthy eating behaviors and thoughts, so be mindful of the strategies below.

Want to Say Bye-Bye to Shampoo?

More women are learning that washing their hair with conditioner can help keep tresses from getting parched.

Co-Washing Hair Basics

How to ease into cleansing using conditioners only

Stuff We Love-Summer 2016

A roundup of the latest must-have finds for hair, skin, health, beauty and more. These products are worth every cent.

From the Editor

Pet Peeves

The vet at the animal hospital where I took him said there was an operation he could perform that might help save him.

Health News

DNA in a test tube against a blue background

Future Shock

If a test could tell whether you’d develop a disease later in life, would you take it?

Red Cooler "Human Organ for Transplant"

Second Chances

HIV-positive donors can give the gift of life to other people who are living with the virus.

Race Talk

Why are some black folks living with HIV less likely to remain in care?

A pile of red and white capsules

Drug Warning

Over-the-counter meds aren’t safer than prescription pills.

Cleaning House

Time to toss expired meds

An African American woman sleeping on her side

Feeling the Pinch

When does monthly period pain require that we pay serious attention?

african american couple sitton on couch

Ask Doctor Dee-Summer 2016

Dorothy Horton, PsyD, answers your questions in her latest Ask Doctor Dee column.

A table of food with a drawing of a liver

Meal Plans

If you’re living with hepatitis C, eating healthy each and every day can help protect your liver.

African American woman eating a salad from a bowl

Chew on This

It takes time for your brain to realize your stomach is full.

Combination Platters

Maybe there’s a reason we should eat foods in a certain order.

A man jumping at the gym

Power Moves

Spring into action to build a stronger, better body.

Make Moving Fun!

Exercise doesn’t have to be burdensome and unpleasant.


An African American woman looking in a mirror

Flaws and All

When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see?

Never Settle

How one woman’s demand for respect totally changed her life

The Expert Says-Summer 2016

Health experts discuss how body image can affect our mental health and well-being.


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