Experts warn that sometimes too much togetherness can ruin a relationship. Although spending time with a significant other contributes to building a solid union, constantly being in each other’s company may lead to one party or another feeling suffocated, and love may suffer as a result. The key, say experts, is for couples to strike a balance between making time for each other and enjoying periods apart.

Often, individuals equate how much time they’re in the company of their partner as a measure of how much each loves the other. In addition, sometimes fear of abandonment or thoughts of keeping a loved one safe can fuel an individual’s efforts to keep a partner in his or her sight. Such insecurities can become obsessive and trigger resentments that eventually create conflicts and cause individuals to withdraw. Paying attention to your mate and showing concern about his or her well-being shows love. But when excessive, these expressions of affection can be smothering.

Each person in a relationship needs a certain degree of space, which is different for everyone. Experts suggest that partners occasionally disconnect and then reconnect with each other to nurture their growth as a couple while also fulfilling themselves as individuals.