Seasonal celebrations are particularly perilous for your healthy eating regimen. But you can enjoy the festivities without completely derailing your diet. Check out these tips from nutrition experts.

Before the party starts, decide how many drinks, desserts and other foods you will eat. “For example, you may decide ahead of time you are going to drink no more than two alcoholic drinks, try one dessert and eat a small plate of hors d’oeuvres,” says Liz Weinandy, a registered dietitian.  

Don’t go to a party ravenous. To curb hunger, eat a small snack or meal two to three hours beforehand.

Check out the spread or menu before diving in. “Decide what you would most enjoy eating, choose it in the appropriate portion and savor each bite,” says registered dietitian Kristen Trukova.

Start with healthy foods first. Eat a salad to leave less room for more calorie-laden choices.

Use a smaller plate and eat slowly.
Try this tip from Weinandy: “Fill up half the plate with healthier food and then the other half with higher-calorie goodies, and you’ve just reduced your calorie intake by half.”

Choose beverages carefully.
Limit yourself to one or two alcoholic drinks each day. Also, balance alcohol intake with a glass of sparkling water to avoid dehydration. Drink flavored or infused waters and teas to keep calories low, says Trukova.

Don’t stand near the food table during the party. Once you’ve fixed yourself a plate, move away from the buffet to avoid more temptation.