You may wash, straighten and curl your locks each day, but your hair is more than just a beautifully styled accessory. It can also indicate your healthy (and not so healthy) habits, reported a MSN Health and Fitness article published online.  

The article cited the following common hair problems many people experience, which sometimes reflect hidden health issues.

Hair loss

Visible thinning that’s caused by more than just a few stray strands on your hairbrush may signal an iron or protein deficiency, especially if you have an eating disorder or are calorie deprived.
What’s the connection? Malnutrition forces the body to conserve protein, the body’s building blocks, by shutting down hair growth.

Another cause of thinning may also be thyroid disease (caused by an overactive or underactive thyroid gland). Check with your doctor if you suspect this may be the cause of your thinning hair. Once the disease is controlled, hair growth restarts. 

But don’t confuse thinning with normal hair shedding—we lose up to 100 strands every day. Unless you’re noticing bald spots, it’s totally natural.

Going gray

Scientists think genetics causes us to go gray. As we age, the hair root produces less melanin. As a result, new strands grow with less (or no) pigment. 

The dry frizzies

If your hair starts looking like frizzy, check your hair styling methods. It’s probably caused by chemical dyes, permanents, blow dryers and straighteners, which can cause hair breakage. 

Also, a poor diet without enough protein or essential fatty acids (found in fish and seeds) can make your hair weak and dull.  Improve your diet, and your hair should respond in a few months. 

Really, it’s no secret. The key to beautiful, healthy hair is a well-fed, properly maintained body (both inside and out).  

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