Q: What are some signs of sexual incompatibility in a relationship, and what can folks do to address this common issue?

A: When a couple experiences sexual incompatibility, common signs may include a lack of emotional connection between partners in the relationship, a fear of intimacy that might be caused by sexual inexperience, feelings of shame about sex or feelings of anger that can be caused by many different reasons.

In addition, one of the most common signs of sexual incompatibility is having mismatched sex drives. For example, one partner may want sex each day, but the other doesn’t.

Often, couples hope problems will fix themselves and make excuses for why sex is lacking in their relationship.

This is when communication is key. When discussing sexual incompatibility with a partner, be honest about your sexual concerns. Let your partner know how you feel so you can work on a positive plan of action to address the problem together.

Also, don’t play the blame game. Avoid pointing fingers at your partner when you start the conversation. Instead, share your ideas without criticizing, accusing or hurting each other.

If compromise and efforts to communicate openly fail to fix the problem, seek professional help.

Still, realistically, you must keep in mind that you and your partner just may not be a well-matched pair. Remember that sexual compatibility isn’t just about having great orgasms. Good communication, emotional intimacy and a deep connection with your partner are all part of what constitutes a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship.