I’m so excited to have this opportunity to become a part of the Real Health magazine (online) community! I first fell in love with this magazine after my brother received a copy of an issue from Jeff Carroll, RealHealthMag.com relationship blogger while on a business trip in Miami. When I first saw the magazine, I was excited; not only is it a great magazine about health and wellness, but also it was a well designed! In fact, what piqued my interest even further was the fact that the particular issue that I received featured Wendy Williams, who, like me, battles with a thyroid disorder! I then set out on a quest to synch with the editors of this magazine and inquire about becoming a contributing author! One thing led to another and here I am today--a contributing blogger for Real Health magazine!

RPC_SC_Blurb.jpgSo, who am I? I’m glad you asked! I am a Southern girl, from Angie, Louisiana, who grew up cooking since seventh grade, and later discovered that I had thyroid disease and rheumatoid arthritis, which led to my transition to a healthier lifestyle and becoming certified to provide dietary counseling to now becoming a published author of a healthy cookbook called So, What Can I Eat Now?! I love to experiment in the kitchen and cook healthy, tasty meals that the family can enjoy. I’m not a caterer; I’m just a passionate healthy, cook who loves to empower and teach people how to cook healthy and delicious foods that look great and is nutritious for the body!

As a blogger for Real Health, it is my intent each week to talk about food and how eating healthier can impact the body in a positive way. So, please subscribe to my blog and join me on the journey towards a healthier food lifestyle. I look forward to reading your comments and questions!

Please visit my website to learn more about me http://www.rhondascooking.com. Also, I’m always hanging out on social media, so please don’t hesitate to follow me on Twitter (@RhondaPeters) or add me as a friend on Facebook.