drug-addiction-disease1.jpgI am experiencing these crazy cognitive issues where I have a hard time explaining my thoughts. My symptoms include sporadic forgetfulness, brain fog, and general malaise. My head is all jumbled and the thoughts that are spilling out of my mouth don’t match the thoughts that I am really thinking. It’s just one big disconnect going on between my mind and my body.

I am having problems tracking conversations in groups of people, problems with stuttering and problems remembering which day of the week it is.

Recently, I made an appointment with my doctor so he could give me a new prescription and talk about some of the new issues I am having. During the visit I wasn’t able to explain my current problems and I totally forgot why I was there. After the check-up I left the doctor with the impression that everything was going great. On the drive home my husband asked me if I got the updated prescription that I needed. I replied that I forgot to ask him for it. We quickly turned around and fortunately we were able to see the doctor again that same day.


Once again MS has caused me to make some life adjustments.

Now when I visit my doctor I make sure my husband is with me in the examination room so he can help me explain what my problems are. I also take notes when a new problem arises. Then I bring the list of items to the appointment.

Now if only I can remember where I put my list.