Lets-Try-Something-New-Facebook-Cover.pngThe other day I was trying to do something very simple like turn the light on or something.

Oh, yes! Now I remember. I was trying to put my skirt on or in other words trying to simply dress myself. Not too much to ask for. But, my legs just would not bend. I was about to quit. I was frustrated, defeated...damaged goods. Then, I decided to reluctantly ask for help. This was hard because in my 38 year-old mind I should be able to dress myself. I’m embarrassed that my husband has to help me. I know it doesn’t make any sense; he’s my husband. I just wanted to do it myself. Still I’m blessed to have a husband, especially one that willingly helps me in whatever capacity needed. For that I am thankful and grateful.

Now I need to learn to call him before I allow my level of agitation to rise. Worse case scenario he’ll catch a bit of my poor disposition. Luckily, after only minimal banter, I was dressed and ready to go. I had on a trendy little outfit and my stylish orthopedic sandals. Where I’m I going you ask?

I said before that I’ve been feeling a little lonely and isolated. My social worker suggested I visit a website called meetup.com. I thought it was some sort of dating site at first, but I was surprised to find out that it wasn’t. It is where you can create or join a local group of people meeting up face-to-face who share your interest such as sports, foreign language, or chess players. I went to the meetup.com event and met some new folks. Who would’ve thought?

For two hours from 2 to 4 PM, MS was not on the menu. I was able to escape my world. I met new friends. Of course I am using “friends” loosely, but who knows what’s to come? First, I joined a local book club a couple of weeks ago and now this!

I’ve stepped out and tried something new.