There once was an unhappy man named Walter who lived in Crazy Town. Crazy Town was a place full of bitter, complaining, envious, fearful, and angry people. Born into Crazy town by crazy parents, the unhappy boy, Walter, grew up to become the unhappy man, Walter, His life was full of pain, regret, and despair. No matter how much he accomplished in the material world, he still felt like a failure.

One day there was a visitor from Happy Meadow--a beautiful place where the people were content, loving, and peaceful. Hearing strange and wondrous stories of this place where everyone got along, and men and women lived in harmony, Walter had a strong desire to visit and learn more. He packed several suitcases, and began the journey to Happy Meadow.

When he arrived, he was hospitably greeted and take to the leader of Happy Meadow, a petite middle-aged woman dressed in simple clothes. With a beaming smile on her face, she told her story.

"Once, a long time ago, I, too, lived in Crazy Town. My life was about competition, anger, and fear. I wanted more of everything I could obtain, and I didn’t care who got in my way. Then, I met a wise teacher, and began to study the secrets of happiness that led me to Happy Meadow.

I learned the simple secrets that unlocked the doors of my joy and success:

I FOUND HAPPINESS BY HELPING OTHERS FIND IT. I realized that my selfishness was a crutch that I relied on to build my false esteem. At the same time, the crutch kept me weak and powerless because I was so busy worrying about myself that I had little energy to accomplish the true desires of my heart. Finally, when I threw away the crutch of my selfishness, and started smiling at people, helping the needy, and contributing to my community, I suddenly felt free; I saw my potential and power grow. The more I helped others, the happier I felt. Every time I gave my time, energy, and resources to help someone who truly needed it, I felt my own resources grow. I was no longer envious, worried, or regretful. I saw others as being like me, and I like them. There was no need to rush, fight, or worry over things--there was more than enough for everyone. The Creator had given us all an abundance, and all we had to do was help each other find it.

MY WORK IS MY LOVE, THROUGH WHICH I PLAY AND GIVE; THE MORE WORK I DO, THE MORE ENERGY I HAVE. In my previous position, I made a lot of money, but I was empty inside. Work was drudgery; the hours seemed to drip slowly like molasses on a hot day. I hated my work. But, when I found work I loved, suddenly my whole world opened up. I could earn a living while playing and enjoying. Because I had fun in my work, I had an enormous capacity for work, and I became the best at what I did--offering unparalleled service to my customers, who gave me loving energy back in many forms--in marvelous financial, emotional, and spiritual rewards.

GRATITUDE BECAME MY DAILY BREAD: Instead of asking for more, I gave thanks for the riches I already possessed. I gave thanks for my life, for my happy experiences, for my loved ones, for my Don (God-given talent), for my ability to share my blessings with all who desired them. I no longer prayed for material things or wealth, and as a result, I now have more material wealth than I could ever need. My great riches come from those people I have helped to live truly and grow wondrously. Gratitude became my daily bread--each day, I ate of the wondrous feelings of gratefulness to my higher source. Each day, I realized that my life was complete; there was no lack, failure, or frustration. There was only abundance, success, and love."

As the founder of Happy Meadow finished her talk, she welcomed Walter to live permanently in their simple little paradise. With a warm embrace and a kind voice, she explained further: “By the way, we don’t pay taxes here. This place we live is not a physical land or defined territory. Happy Meadow exists in our minds--it cannot be stolen or lost; it cannot be broken or taken--it is always here, inside us, forever, in our minds and hearts.”

Now it’s your turn: Are you ready to make your permanent dwelling in Happy Meadow by following the 3 secrets to your inner well-being? All you have to do is give your two weeks’ notice to Crazy Town, and pack your bags. You new life of happiness is about to begin.