Are your living your dreams, or merely dreaming away your life? To live successfully and happily--fulfilling your deepest desires--you need to expand your inner mind power. The way to do this is to Think Big and Live Large: Change your perspective from the small viewpoint of problems to the higher state of Solution. Here are a few tips to help you along this path to inner and outer success:

BE BOLD: Have you ever admired (or even been a little secretly envious) of those people who have the courage and guts to go for amazing things? Although they may fail more than the average person, these intrepid individuals often accomplish great and marvelous goals. When you take bold steps toward your deepest desires, the universe opens doors that you did not know existed. It has been said that “Humans are God Afraid.” Men are women were created in the image of God, but they dilute their power and greatness by allowing fear and doubt to creep into their minds. If you eliminate unreasonable fear from your thoughts, and take steps toward your ultimate dream in life, you will succeed more than you ever imagined possible.

LIVE WITH PANORAMA: A Panorama is an unbroken view of the whole region surrounding an observer. It is the big picture. Many times we get bogged down in small worries, petty circumstances, and nagging problems. Can I pay that bill? Should I have said that? Will I get there on time? To live happily, it’s important that you see life from a broader perspective. Imagine that you are flying high above the sky in an airplane, and you look down and see houses and buildings--see how small they look from far above. Those impressive structures look like miniature toys when viewed from above. In the same way, see your problems and difficulties as “little toys” that can be easily handled and put away when you’re done with them. At the same time, change your viewpoint from “small me,” to “big we”-- into a broader perspective where you are more interested in the welfare of others--in developing empathy and compassion for their needs; desiring to serve and help others. It is a well-known psychological truth that the greatest cure for your sadness is to help others lift their sadness; the greatest remedy for feeling unloved is to help others feel loved for who they are.

ADJUST YOURSELF TO THE PACE OF NATURE: Have you ever felt stressed out, nervous, or tense, as if the whole world was on your shoulders? If so, that means that you are out of sync with the pace of nature. While modern life is often frantic, rushing, and overstimulating, the rhythm of nature is more flowing and adaptable--sometimes fast; sometimes slow; sometimes energetic, sometimes relaxed. To have more energy, you need to synchronize your personality with the harmonious energy of the natural world. When you do this, you will be living at an emotional level that allows you to replenish your energies at a steady rate to handle the demands of daily living.

An overstressed female executive was close to having a heart attack when she discovered the secret of “Pace Living”--living according to the rhythms of the natural world. On a seaside vacation, for several days, she would lie on the beach, with her head on the sand, listening carefully to the rhythm of the ocean. As she did this, a sense of calm overcame her--she realized that she needed to slow down and take life more patiently---allowing the waves of life to take her where she needed to go. When she returned from her vacation, she cut down on her work commitments, spent more time with her family, and cultivated a spiritual practice. Before long, she was more energetic, optimistic, and effective than ever before. You, too, can live at nature’s patient pace. Try this: When you are at a store, intentionally choose to wait in the longer line, so you can diminish your rush thinking, and build your ability to rest your mind in the moment. If you are in a traffic jam, say to yourself that you will enjoy this extra time, thinking and meditating on a future grand objective or plan. Developing patience, and a more relaxed state of being, will give you the extra energy and vitality you need to prosper in your daily challenges.

If you follow these 3 steps on a daily basis, you will begin to Think Big and Live Large: You will move your mind from the rigidness and tightness of worry and fear into the beautiful territory of peace, power, and harmony. You will get more done with less effort, and you will have a smile when you get up, and a smile when you go to bed.