In my workshop I ask people "what is their Love Muscle?" And they give me a variety of answers. Most people say their heart. Others say their reproductive organs. Neither of these answers are correct. While the heart is the symbol of love for Valentine’s Day in reality it’s role to the body is only to circulate blood and oxygen. It doesn’t pump chocolate. Reproductive organs are just that, organs for reproduction. Now they do transmit feelings interpreted as love they are not love muscles. Now, what I call the Love muscle is the brain. The brain is where all of the decisions are made. The brain is where the pituitary gland is located. The Pituitary gland secretes hormones called Endorphins. Endorphins help people feel pleasure and pain. The Endorphins operate through your nervous system. There are large amounts of these nerves in both the male and female reproductive organs.

It is important for single people to understand the roles different body parts play in the dating and mating process. I have listed the top 5 most important body parts for people who are dating.

Mouth is the speaking and communication muscle. This muscle should be used to inspire, motivate and encourage. It should not be used to destroy and demise people.

Ears are the listening muscle. This muscle should be used to learn from the person I’m dating so they can combine with their date’s knowledge to achieve a greater level of intelligence as a couple.

Heart is the muscle that pumps blood. The heart should not be confused as some sort of a love determination device or something that should be used to find a life partner.

Reproductive organs are reproductive muscles. These muscles should be used as a way to make partners feel better. It should not be used to hurt people or find love or withhold love. Reproductive muscles should also be respected as a way to bring in the next generation of people.

Brain is the LOVE MUSCLE. The brain is what God gave people to think and make intelligent decisions regarding the people I date.

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