Everybody likes to do resolutions at the beginning of the year like if they can’t do them anytime but who am I to hate. I still have resolutions from my high school years that I am still working on. Anyway, since people are in the mood to do things they haven’t done before I wanted to help them with my own list of good dating resolutions for singles.

1. Get a Dating partner or group date with people younger than you who date a lot. This is a good idea I got from going out with some of my young clients. The concepts don’t change but there are new ways of doing things. Case and point when I was single there was no such thing as a smart phone. Make sure the people you go out with have had dating a few people and less long term relationship experience.

2. Read a new book on dating. Books are just collections of people’s ideas and experiences. So until my dating book comes out my favorite book is The Game by Neil Strauss. It was written for men but it’s good for women too.

3. Go to dating events. Speed Datings are not a waste of time. Sure they’ve been around since the late 90s most people still haven’t gone to a speed dating event. There are all kinds of speed dating events and if you go to a speed dating by a dating professional chances you’ll meet someone who is seriously looking for a date are better. I do caution you from going to a speed dating at a club or bar they are magnets for amateur pick up artists.

4. Go see a relationship counselor or dating coach. I don’t just suggest this because I’m a dating coach but because as a dating professional I see how many people need help. Nobody was taught how to date so we all learn from each other. Professional dating instructors actually do help people.

5. Do a relationship evaluation. Find out where you are emotionally, what you want from a person and what you have to offer them. Check your baggage. Get critiqued from people who know you.

Dating is a basic process, however the world changes and so should people. For people who are coming out of long relationships opening up to changes may be easier than people who have been single for a while. These resolutions can be used anytime throughout the year.