The holidays are the time for company parties and meeting new people. After these meetings and love connections blossom the highly anticipated first date is scheduled. The first date is an important meeting no matter how long the conversation is you have when you first meet the first date is a chance to improve on the impression you make and learn more about the person you are interested in. Men sometimes think that the way you meet someone limits the potential of the relationship. I disagree with that. Since most people at bars and night clubs where there is either a lot of drinking or a lot of grinding so hormones are raised and senses are distorted. No matter what you do short of having sex when you first meet as long as contact information is exchanged you have a chance to correct or improve on whatever impression you made.
The first date like any date is a place for learning about the person you are dating. You want to have a free flowing conversation. You don’t just want to have a job interview. Remember if this was reality TV show you would be on their dating show and they would be on your show. You want to gain information but you also want to vibe. You want to have a verbal dance which is the best type of conversation. Learning how to talk to each other is important as it is to have sex with each other. When it comes to divorce poor communication is the leading cause.
Now, it does matter what you talk about. Talking all night about movies and music may be fun but you need to gather more information than learning what you date likes about Mary J Blige. So, to help you maximize your conversation I have list a few good questions you might not think about asking on your first date. Some are funny while are deeper. Mix them up when you ask them and reherse your answers before you go on the date. Please don’t think you need to ask all of the questions on the first date. Don’t ruin the vibe trying to ask a question. These questions can be spread across the first few date. Lastly, remember to have fun.
1. Why are you single?
2. Why/how did your last relationship end?
3. What was the longest relationship you’ve been in?
4. How many relationships have you been in?
5. What is the most fun you’ve ever had on a date?
6. What are the top 5 songs in your mp3?
7. What’s your favorite restaurant?
8. What was the last good movie, play, concert or book you saw, attended or read?
9. Do you take a dump with the door open or closed?
10. Have you ever been married?
11. Do you have any children?
12. Do you take regular AIDS test?
13. What do you do with family? How often do you visit your family?
14. Do you have any siblings?
15. Have you completed your educational aspirations?
16. Have you ever been in love before?
17. What is your favorite drink? Alcoholic and non-alcoholic?
18. What is your political affiliation?
19. What do you like to do on weekends?
20. What is your favorite sport to play and watch?
21. Have you ever been in dept?
22. Have you ever been in the hospital?
23. Have you ever stolen anything?
24. What is your family heritage?
25. Have you ever gotten a ticket?
26. What do you think of the President?
27. Do you go to church?
28. Where did you grow up?

You might notice that the title of this blog is 20 Questions for a first date and I have 28 questions listed. What had happen was when I started thinking of questions I kept thinking of more questions. Since I always like to hear your comments please add to anything you want to ask me which questions you think are the best. With your help I can get my list down to 20.