Even though the calendar insists that spring isn’t over until June 20, the weather has been extremely hot and humid, causing an early start to all kinds of summer-related hair-care worries for naturalistas. That means frizz, dry hair, sticky strands and the rest of the usual suspects. Here, CurlyNikki.com and CurlyChics compile recommendations for naturals looking to keep their manes fresh, cool and collected through the summer season.

Add water. During the peak heat months, when your tresses face the indignity of 90- and 100-degree weather, your hair needs moisture. Remember, fresh water (as experienced in the shower) is the type of H2O most suitable for strands. Pool and ocean water can increase frizz and breakage when hair dries. So if you’re going for a swim or dip, soak your hair in fresh water first so that it can fully absorb the type of water that’s best for its health. After you’re done with your swim, rinse with fresh water again.

Try a “pre-poo.” This funny terms usually refers to applying a natural oil to your hair before you shampoo, a process that offers strands extra protection. The most commonly used oils are olive, coconut, jojoba and argan.

Leave in conditioners and sealants. Add a leave-in conditioner to your hair care regimen to help combat dryness and breakage. Water-based products make the best moisturizers. Also, apply a sealant to moisturized hair to help lock moisture in your strands.

Don’t mess with your hair. When it’s hot outside, curly hair responds poorly to excess touching and primping after it has already been styled. Trying to “fix” your hair by touching it over and over can snowball into increasingly frizzy locks. That means once you’re done styling your tresses, try not to play with your hair. Wear a protective style if you need to break the habit of rearranging your locks.

Cool it with the heat-based appliances. Style tresses with flatirons and other hot appliances sparingly during the summer months. Why? Because using these devices dries out hair and can increase breakage. Plus, many of these time-intensive styles don’t hold up well against Mother Nature’s humid weather or impromptu showers.

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